How to Remove and Clean Tracks on Slider Windows

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Are your window tracks in need of a good clean?

Follow these simple steps to remove a track from a sliding window frame, clean it, and replace it.

Remove the window

The first step is to remove the window so you can access the track. Don’t worry. This isn’t as hard as it sounds.

Begin by fully opening your slider window. Using one hand on each side, pull the window up into the top of the frame. Now pull the top of the window down and out of the frame. See? That wasn’t so bad!

Top Tip: Place the window down gently somewhere out of the way where it will not fall over or get damaged.

Remove the track

On one end of the window track, gently slide a flat pry bar between the window frame and track. As you gently twist the pry bar, the window track should pop out easily and then you can pull the track out fully. Now you can give it a clean, as well as the area underneath on the frame.

Reinstalling the track

Simply insert the track tightly into one end of the window frame and snap it back into place from one end to the other. Ensure the track is snapped fully down into the frame or it will prevent the window from sliding properly.

Reinstalling the window

Using one hand on each side of the sealed unit, insert the top into the window frame. Swing the bottom into place, and then gently push it down. Open and close the window so you know that it is sliding properly, and test the night lock in both positions to ensure it is operating correctly.

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